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China Royal Display Co.,Limited certification
China Royal Display Co.,Limited certification
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Royal Display, Perfect LCD Supplier, Fast response, thanks for cooperation.

—— Beata from Poland

Received the lcds today, no damage and test well, thanks.

—— Natalya Kryukova from Russia

Fast delivery and good quality, I am happy with Royal Display, I will order more later.

—— Meerimgul from Turkey

High quality screen, fast service.

—— Daniel Castelo from Switzerland

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Company News
china latest news about Process of LCD Manufacturing

Process of LCD Manufacturing

[2021-09-29 11:19:59]
china latest news about Character LCDs

Character LCDs

[2021-09-29 11:12:16]
Character LCDs Bold Messaging for Every Industry Our character LCD displays are available in industry standard sizes ranging from 1-line by 8-characters to 4-lines by 40-characters. We offer monochrome, blue, green, yellow, red, orange, white, or RGB. For a display with a smaller footprint and lower ... Read More
china latest news about LCD Basics

LCD Basics

[2021-09-29 10:37:08]
Liquid crystal Liquid crystal refers to the intermediate status of a substance between solid (crystal) and liquid. When crystals with a high level of order in molecular sequence are melted, they generally turn liquid, which has fluidity but no such order at all. However, thin bar-shaped organic ... Read More
china latest news about 7-segment LED Display

7-segment LED Display

[2021-06-30 11:59:20]
7-segment Display An LED or Light Emitting Diode, is a solid state optical pn-junction diode which emits light energy in the form of photons. The emission of these photons occurs when the diode junction is forward biased by an external voltage allowing current to flow across its junction, and in ... Read More
china latest news about Characteristics of various LCD Display

Characteristics of various LCD Display

[2021-06-15 16:16:55]
Character LCDs Character LCDs have been around since the 1950s and are still very common. These displays offer 256 selectable characters and are available with several different font tables to show a variety of languages. They are most commonly known for their ease of programming wide variety of ... Read More
china latest news about Character LCD Display Modules

Character LCD Display Modules

[2020-08-07 14:25:03]
Character LCD Display Modules Character LCD Displays (aka Alphanumeric) are one of the most common display technologies available. There are many details concerning this technology, including: fluid type, operating voltage, controller/drivers and other key details that can make your design excel or ... Read More
china latest news about Segment LCD

Segment LCD

[2021-03-23 11:10:21]
Custom Segment LCD (7, 14, And 16 Segment Displays) Custom Segment Liquid Crystal Displays are seen in products that measure the PH level of swimming pools, monitors used to measure specific gases in a mine, or in thermometers used to see if a child is running a fever. They are one of the oldest ... Read More
china latest news about LED Backlight

LED Backlight

[2020-06-09 14:51:34]
LED backlight is used to light LCD,so that LCD graphics can be seen clearly on the dark environment or at night. Usually,The LED backlight that we said was side-LED backlight. Side-LED backlight can be separated into two types: SMD LED backlight and DIP LED backlight (direct insertion probe). DIP ... Read More
china latest news about I2C Module Structure

I2C Module Structure

[2020-06-05 15:50:17]
The acronym LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a thin, flat screen made up of color or monochrome pixels situated in front of a light source or reflector. There are different types of LCD screens, according to the number of rows and columns that they have. Connect it to analog ports 4 and ... Read More
china latest news about How to calculate the bending radius of FPC?

How to calculate the bending radius of FPC?

[2020-05-22 11:04:49]
When FPC flexible circuit board is bent, the stress types on both sides of the core line are different. The inside of the curved surface is pressure, and the outside is tensile. The magnitude of stress is related to the thickness and bending radius of FPC flexible circuit board. Excessive stress ... Read More
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