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Character LCD Display Modules

August 7, 2020

Latest company news about Character LCD Display Modules

Character LCD Display Modules

Character LCD Displays (aka Alphanumeric) are one of the most common display technologies available.

There are many details concerning this technology, including: fluid type, operating voltage, controller/drivers and other key details that can make your design excel or under-perform.

Our team of LCD specialists can assist you in selecting the best options so that your design is able to meet your needs and at a cost that is within your budget. Call today with any questions.

A character is any letter (capital or non-capital), any number or punctuation mark (including a period, comma, back slash, etc.).

These displays are used in applications such as change machines, measurement devices, and data loggers. The module has the ability to display letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

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Character LCD Displays Make Use of a Character Table

One reason for the popularity of Character LCD displays is that they are equipped with a controller/driver chip containing a built in character (or font) table.

The table holds preloaded letters, numbers, and punctuation for each language. The font table allows the designer to request any character by addressing (selecting) the number of that character. In other words, the letter capital ‘T’ may be assigned the number 31 and the “&” symbol could be assigned number 141. This eliminates the work required to create each charter from scratch and reduces the amount of time necessary to program the LCD module.

Our standard character displays incorporate an English font, but other languages are available upon request.

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